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Unconventional Cakes

A new range of handmade gelato cakes available to order

Introducing ‘Unconventional Cakes’ …

La Gelatiera puts the ice-cream on the cake to bring you a new range of occasion cakes handmade entirely from our infamous gelato.
We've combined our experimental signature gelato flavours, free from gluten and egg, with master technique of handcrafting without moulds and internal structures, to bring you beautifully designed gelato cakes, with special vegan options, for all occasions.
Introduce an unconventional treat to your dinner party, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions with our delicious cupcakes, tiered cakes and wedding cakes, available in a variety of shapes and designs of your choice.

Wedding: unconventional wedding

The new wedding collection features a range of beautiful tiered gelato cakes that are sure to make any bride and groom’s big day extra special. Each cake is handcrafted and made to order. You can choose from a number of designs including round, square and heart-shaped for a romantic touch.

TIERED WEDDING GELATO CAKES (Round, square or heart shaped)

  • Small: 3kg, serve ~20. £90
  • Large: 5.5kg, serve 35 – 40. £160
  • Extra large: 10kg, serve 65 – 75. £300
  • More than 10kg: £28/kg

Special: Mini tiered-cake 500g. £20


There’s no better way to celebrate a special occasion than with a specially designed gelato cake. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a graduation or even Valentine’s Day - La Gelatiera’s new celebration range is sure to be the icing on the cake for your special day.
You can choose from a range of designs, sizes, shapes and layers (maximum of two layers) to create a bespoke cake, because sometimes, only an extra special cake will do.

LAYERED CELEBRATION CAKES (2 layers). Round, square or heart shaped.

  • Small: 14cm diameter / 4cm high. Serve 4 - 7 people. £20
  • Large: 20cm diameter / 4cm high. Serve 8 - 10 people. £30
  • Extra large: 26cm diameter / 4cm high. Serve 11 - 15 people. £40
  • More than 26cm diameter: £28/kg

For tiered celebration cakes, refer to TIERED WEDDING GELATO CAKES prices.


If you love your gelato too much to share it, why not try La Gelatiera’s delicious range of cupcakes, after all, good things come in small packages. La Gelatiera’s gelato cupcakes are available for special occasions such as Baby Showers and in a range of flavours and are created using a handmade brownie base with a gelato core and topped with a semifreddo (parfait) swirl top.

    • Regular Gelato Cupcakes:
      • Individual £3.80
      • Box set:
        4 gelato cupcakes £14
        8 gelato cupcakes £26
        12 gelato cupcakes £38
        24 gelato cupcakes £72
        36 gelato cupcakes £10
    • Deluxe Gelato Cupcakes – Baby Showers, Christmas Specials etc..
      • Box set:
        12 gelato cupcakes £45
        24 gelato cupcakes £86
        36 gelato cupcakes £12

      Available flavours:
      • Chocolate semifreddo and Sea Salted Caramel gelato
      • Caffe Latte semifreddo and Hazelnut gelato
      • Caramel semifreddo and Peanut Butter gelato
      • Madagascan Vanilla semifreddo and Oreo biscuit gelato
      • Sour Cherry semifreddo and Chocolate gelato
      • Alphonso Mango semifreddo and Coconut gelato